What is LibelleShell?

LibelleShell (in short lsh) is a scripting language.
Based on Lua, lsh scripts run in Windows environments as well as
in Unix environments. lsh scripts can be object-oriented or
procedural, and they also may be compiled.

lsh scripts may be interpreted by the lsh-Interfaces.
In the most natural form LibelleShell scripts can be run by the program lsh,
using the input parameter -i.
At first you should have a look at the lsh help screen with its
explanations about the parameters. Therefore, enter the following
command at your console where lsh must be available:

$ lsh -h
Libelle Shell                               Libelle AG
Usage: -i <input-file>                      Execute LibelleShell script
   or: -h                                   Show help
   or: -v                                   Show version
   or: -v all                               Show component versions 
Option: -t <trace-file>                     Redirect trace to trace-file

Sometimes it is also useful to have a look at Lua, the basis of
LibelleShell. There is an online version of the first edition of the book
Programming in Lua that you can find using the following URL: